Welcome to my Website!!!!

Truthfully I started this website about three years ago and changed it several times.I did not know what to write about or take pictures about.  a grea deal of information has been written about the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. The purpose of this site is not to make money. It is site that was started in 2014. Sine then I have learned code, and I own the domain for Newkirk to Foster.

I have lived, worked, and hung out in Flatbush since 1962. This website is my diary, a truthful explanation of the area since 196o, a tribute to those who have lived here from from 1960 to the present. It is that simple.

Furthermore it based upon the interviews of people who have lived here.

In addition it is Connected to another Website, that is far more difficult for me, James Sullivan to build, called: Forsake Not the weak,

I became disabled in 2012 from multiple sclerosis, and started to focus on the Disabled, especially in Flatbush and throughout Brooklyn. I am a Roman Catholic, who focuses on the poor, the sick, the Disabled, and the Immigrant living in the neighborhood of Flatbush and beyond.