Welcome to the website of James Sullivan at 620 between Foster and Newkirk. I have lived at the address for almost 56 years . I was born here in 1962 and the stories, all real about my life, my family and neighbors on not only this block in Flatbush, but about Flatbush in general. I am talking about the neighborhood of Flatbush in Brooklyn. Some of the information will pre-date me through records and photos.In addition this is my first website built using wordpress, but a new website that’ll discusss not only my youth, but my adult years , will be ¬†built to discuss the years from 1980-2005.

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Changes on East 17th street-Flatbush

One of the easiest ways to raise rents is through vacancy decontrol, and for past year 615 East 17th between Foster and Newkirk have been vacant, and now suckers will pay big rents... Read More